Now that school has started I seem to be running around more than ever so the blog has unfortunately taken a severe hit!  So today I wanted to do an update on a few things.  One question is – are we still doing senior portraits, and the answer is yes!  We are doing senior portraits almost every afternoon.  Do you have any specials – yes again, we are still running our $20.11 special on our studio or outdoor sessions.  One session that is really good this time of year is our "Road Trip" session where we will take you to a location somewhere in Barrow county to make your session truly unique, and fall is a beautiful time for this.   How long will you be doing senior portraits – all year, but if you want anything outdoors you really need to try and do it soon!

We have also been really busy photographing teams this fall, and that is what has kept me from the blog more than anything.  So far we have been doing cheerleading, softball and gymnastics teams, and they have kept us pretty busy.  Be sure and check out our banner special if you are involved in a winter sport.