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Cattle, Lemming, Toaster… Is That What Your Are?

No?  I didn't think so.  I am asking because if you aren't any of those things why are you going toView full post »

Graduation Day

It's finally here!  The day you have been waiting for for all of these years is here.  You are about toView full post »

First Day Out Of School Trip

Yesterday was our daughters first day out of school for the summer so we went on a little trip.  With our SeniorView full post »

How Did You Know I Was A Senior?

Every year is a new beginning for senior portraits and with every new class comes the challenge of getting names andView full post »

Senior Safari Booking Now

After last weekend's safari we are really excited about our next one coming up on June 11th!  This year weView full post »

Multi Photographer Senior Safari

Saturday Chance and I traveled across the state to Buchanan to do a Senior Safari with some friends of ours. View full post »

Clothing Tips For Senior Guys

They say clothes  ‘make the man’. We don’t know about that but great outfits do make yourView full post »

Clothing Tips For Senior Girls

Girls… You’ve heard that clothes make the man?  Well, honey, when it comes to photos, clothes makeView full post »

Top 10 reasons to choose Bentley Photography

10.  “BACK TO CLASS.”  Get more for your money. Avoid part-time photographers & non-professionals. 9View full post »

What The Parents Say About Bentley Photography

As promised, I wanted to be sure that we got the viewpoints from the parents too. On the quality of her daughtersView full post »

Cap And Gown Sessions

This is just a little something that we offer in addition to your regular senior portrait session every year. View full post »

What The Seniors Say About Bentley Photography

"I love how in every picture I see the person looks so happy and alive!  You make the photo session so fun!&View full post »