2013 Model Search – Sweet 16

Soon we will be kicking off our model search for the class of 2013, can you believe it!  If it seems early this year you are right, we are planning an earlier start for applications this year so we can plan better.  Over the last couple of weeks when I was busy doing "Sweet 16" portraits I couldn't help thinking about the model program for next year and what I want to do differently.  We will be revamping a few of the things next year, like adding some really fun sessions and "perks" for our models.  Be sure and stay tuned here so you will be the first to know when we officially kick off our search! 

These are just a few of the images we have been doing lately for our "Sweet 16" promotion with Belk.  They are also what started my gears turning about next years models.  Oh, if you are 16 and want to get on our "Sweet 16" program call quick, it's almost over for this year!