$20.13 Sale


Today we are getting our postcards and catalogs for our last big sale of the summer ready to be mailed.  The special is for only $20.13 you can get either a Studio or Outdoor session, that is less than the school charged you!  For the special you have to be photographed before August 31st and you must call and schedule your appointment before July 27th.  The Studio and Outdoor sessions are our two most popular sessions and this is your last chance to save on them before school starts back!  Don't put it off because the afternoon times are the first to fill up, and football, band, cheerleading and a lot of other practices are going to be starting really soon.

Do some of the faces in the above photos look familiar to you?  If they do it is because they are actual seniors from the class of 2013 that have already been photographed by Bentley Photography.  We don't use other peoples images in our ads, only real seniors from schools in our area!  Fun sessions, creative backgrounds and poses along with great prices help set us apart from the competition.  Come find out what the difference is between a Bentley portrait and all the rest.