Back To School

Almost everyone in our area is back in school now and trying to get back into the swing of doing homework and practices every afternoon.  Don't you think that they could have saved a couple million dollars on air conditioning if they had waited till after Labor Day to start back?  Or if you went to Haralson county you would only have to go 4 days a week, I am sure that is saving a lot of money for them.  Anyway, now that school has started and people have finally seen their school photographers senior proofs we are getting calls.  Don't worry we can still get you in and save you money and your reputation.  We will still honor the $20.11 sale on our studio or outdoor sessions for a few more weeks.  Remember that you are pretty busy now and our afternoon times are booked too, so plan early and call now.  If you want to come during the day, during school hours, that would be great too.  Oh, and congratulations on being a senior!  Before you know it you will have graduated and high school will be just a memory.