Cattle, Lemming, Toaster… Is That What Your Are?

No?  I didn't think so.  I am asking because if you aren't any of those things why are you going to go get your senior portraits done as if you were?  What do I mean you ask?  For the last eleven years you have lined up at school for school pictures and how have they turned out?  Don't you want something a little more personal for your senior portraits?  Something that is a little more about you, that shows just who you are.  After next summer you will be out on your own, away from home and at school, work or possibly in the armed forces.  Do you want to be remembered for a picture done in the school gym just like everyone else?  Do your parents want to look at another one of those school pictures or do you want to have fun, look great and have a senior portrait experience that is all about you?  What do you really want?


Last week we had a call from an upcoming senior who said that everyone around here just did the same old things for their senior portraits and he wanted something different.  He had ideas of props and locations and we worked to find the best time of day for the session and were able to get something unique to him and his personality.  Just remember, over the next year we will do less senior sessions than your school photographer does in one week.  I am not saying anything bad about the school photographers, what I am saying is how can you expect to get something special and unique when you are being herded through the gym with everyone else?  We don't run an assembly line at Bentley Photography, we try to make it a one on one special time just for you. 


Give us a call, give us your ideas and lets see what we can come up with that is special for you!