Christmas List and Guitars

A week after doing Santa portraits it finally clicked with me that Christmas is just around the corner and we have to start Christmas shopping.  It was funny how it happened, we were at lunch at Firehouse Subs and Chance said we need to start making a list so we can start shopping.  Last night we even got an email with a list of things that Leslie wanted for Christmas.  All of that happened in the same day!  So now I am wondering just how many people are already getting there shopping done or already have a list of things you want?  I can always come up with a list, but I am usually pretty conservative on my want list – you know like socks, shirts a sweater.  What would I really want for Christmas?  What would you want?  What are the popular things this year? 

A dream list for me – an iPad would be nice, a new MacBook Pro, a new boat (dream on), a Gary Fisher mountain bike, a new car (dream car since I was 15) or how about this car 🙂 (guess I'll keep the 12 year old Suburban and 8 year old Mini) and of course new clothes.  I guess I will stick with the same old list again this year, or I will let you know what else I can come up with.




These are just a few images from a session yesterday afternoon.  We got a couple new backgrounds a few weeks ago and I have 3 more on the way.  If you are in the class of '11 give us a call so we can get you in!  If you are in the class of '12 be sure and keep checking back!  We will start looking for Senior Models after Christmas for the class of '12!