Class of 2011 Model Search Coming Soon

In a few weeks I am attending a couple conventions and conferences where lots of new ideas are shared.  One thing about these types of conventions is that you come back excited and motivated with lots of new things you want to try.  One of the bad things is that as soon as you get back you have to hit the ground running trying to get caught up on things.  This year Cammie and Chance should be able to keep everything running at the studio while I am away and I will just have to let them know everything I learned when I get back.

Anyway, one of the first things we will be doing when I get back is looking for models for the class of 2011.  Like I said, I will have lots of new ideas and things I want to do new for the class of 2011.  We will be looking for students from any school around.  Keep checking back for more information and how to get an application.  It is going to be fun!

Just a few from last years model sessions.  Stay tuned to what we have in store for the class of XI!