Congratulations WBHS

11x17_WBHS VCheerposter

This past Saturday the Winder-Barrow Cheerdoggs competed at the GHSA state cheerleading competition in Columbus and brought home a State Championship!  Congratulations to the Cheerdoggs and coach Hulsey on another state championship.  I have been to a lot of the competitions this year and it was a very tight race for first between Ola, Peachtree Ridge and Winder-Barrow all year.  After spending the day watching all of the teams once again in the end you knew it would be one of those three teams that would win.  When all of the scores were counted up it came down to just a few points that separated first and second place, but that was all we needed.  A moving experience was when the bus arrived back in Winder Saturday night there were over 100 people on the sidewalk out in front of the school cheering and waving signs to great them.  It was a very moving experience to see all of that support in the middle of the night.

I know how hard you all work and what a fine group of people you all are.  I am very proud of the way you have represented your school and our county.  Congratulations again!