Dacula Seniors

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a few class of 2013 seniors from Dacula High School.  The thing to remember is that if you aren't happy with your senior portraits that your school did you still have a choice.  If you are a student that doesn't want to give out any of those images that you didn't like, or a parent that just knows that there is something better out there, we are here to help. 🙂


Remember you don't have to settle for just any old photograph or photographer.  You have a choice in how you want to be remembered.  A lot of the school photography companies hire other high school students to do photography for them, how much do you think they know about making you look your best?  If you are a parent why would you want to pay full price for photographs taken by someone with no experience?  And is that the way you want to remember your child when they are gone and out of the nest?  Not me!  I wanted something better of my children, and I bet you do too.