First Day Out Of School Trip

Yesterday was our daughters first day out of school for the summer so we went on a little trip.  With our Senior Safari coming up soon we needed to do a quick drive through to check out the times it would take to get everywhere and find a place for lunch that day.  So that is what we did yesterday. 

The first stop will be a quick one and will be really different from anything we have ever done before, you'll have to find out more about it when you see it.  Then we will be on to our second stop, where we will have lunch, and then photograph a nice green outdoor location.  After lunch and doing photography there we will be going to our last destination where we will spend a good bit of time.  The safari will basically be three unique places with a lot of different locations to photograph.  On this years Safari we will be assisted by a complete crew that will be there to help us with lights and equipment.  You will feel like you are on a Hollywood production. 

On yesterday's scouting trip we took a few images of Mallory for you to see just a little of what you will get to see and do.  The Safari is on June 11th, just three weeks from yesterday, and we would love for you to go with is.  If you are interested call the studio and we can tell you more about what to bring and get you booked for the trip.  We will be leaving at 9 AM on that day and we will be back to Winder by around 6:30 PM or so.

0075_Bentley,Mallory_Clarkesville_CW42 0048_Bentley,Mallory_Clarkesville_CW42