Haley, Sports and Models


Competition Cheerleading and Football season are over and basketball is kicking off.  If you were involved in either of those first two sports I know your lives have been crazy for the last few months.  What, you've been so busy you still need to come in for some senior portraits!  Give us a call.  Haley came in last Friday and we captured some great images of her.  Isn't it too late?  Not hardly, school still isn't out and you still don't have a diploma yet do you?  Come on in and let us show you just how good you can look, and how much fun you can have getting your portraits taken!


Class of 2013!  Keep checking back for important announcements about our senior model program that we plan on kicking off in January.  We will have an on-line application and a meeting to discuss all of the details of the program.  We plan on some really fun changes for the 2013 program along with a really exciting "Senior Safari", or maybe two.  As soon as we get everything caught up around the studio for Christmas I will post more details along with a link to the on-line application.