How Did You Know I Was A Senior?


Every year is a new beginning for senior portraits and with every new class comes the challenge of getting names and addresses.  Since being a senior in high school only happens one time, the names change every year.  The way we are able to get names and addresses is to order them from mailing list companies and by using senior models.  We have several senior models in different schools who passed around notebooks collecting names and addresses for us.  Each senior model collected 75 or more names and we combine those names with the list we purchase for our mailing list.  All in all we come up with a little over 2000 names and addresses.  The big drawback is that we have a lot more than 2000 seniors in the areas we advertise in and the addresses we purchase, many times, aren't accurate or have misspelled names.  One thing that is very frustrating for us is that our own daughter wasn't even on the list we purchased this year and we have been living in the same place all of her life. Needless to say, the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. The problem with this is that some people who don't need information about senior portraits might get something and those who did need to know might not get anything.

Hopefully you've gotten a postcard and a catalog from us and now you know just how it found you.  We hope to see you this summer and get to personally know you while we capture some great senior portraits for you.