How Much?!

We always get calls about price this time of year, on the web page I did a section on How Much under the info tab, and every year we hear that our prices are about the same as the schools photographer.  Many people are surprised when they find this out because for some reason they think we are really expensive, must be thinking about the cars.  Actually we pride ourselves in high quality and an unforgettable experience with top notch customer service at an affordable price. Just this morning we got another one of those calls telling us that our packages were a good bit less than the school photographer, maybe I should go up.  🙂


Hopefully someday I will find out that I am related to the Bentley car people and inherit some of their money so I can retire, but in the mean time I will just keep driving my 14 year old Suburban.  But for now just remember that you can own a Bentley senior portrait for about the same amount of money as the school photographers.  Our customers aren't forced to come to us.  And we are proud that they choose to come to us for what we think are some of the best senior portraits around at any price.


Find one of our Senior Models and get a coupon for some free wallets added to your order!