Huge Sale For The Class of 2014!

With this school year less than two months from over I just have to tell everyone about a huge sale.  This year we are doing things a little differently for the class of 2014.  The catalog that we will be sending is at the printers now and we will be mailing it soon, but I just couldn't wait.  This year we are offering a one day sale on May 11, just a week before the end of school.  If you call on that date, if you wanted to you could even call before that date, and book two sessions anytime in the month of May you will save 75% off of your sessions!  And in addition to that this year we are going to even give you 60% off if you schedule your session in the month of June, just call by May 11th!  We have never offered that big of a special in May and June.  AND, our senior prices are staying the same!  We have also added some great new products and specials that let you get some great new FREE stuff.

It's time to start thinking about being a senior already!  Plan early and save big.  Be sure and check out our webpage to see examples and we even have a lot of answers to your questions on it.


Spring is here, time for some baseball!

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