It’s In The Mail

Ever heard that one?  Well it is officially in the mail, our 2011 senior catalog that is, as of this morning.  We have been busy for the last few months getting everything ready for the class of 2011 and the last week stuffing and labeling envelopes.  This year we mailed just under 3000 catalogs all over Barrow, Jackson, Oconee and Clarke counties as well as Dacula and Lawrencevillle.  The catalogs have a letter in them that tells about all of our sales and ways to save 50% and more if you act fast (75% in May!).  A quick heads up, call and book 2 or more sessions and save 75% for May appointments and 50% for appointments in June if you call before Friday, May 28 at 5 PM.  For more information on our session choices visit our web page to see the session choices, or check out the catalog when you get it.  Watch your mailbox!