Keep Your Blinders On And Follow The Crowd

Don't let yourself fall into that category!  Wouldn't it be terrible to go through life not knowing how good your senior portraits could have been?  How about never having a good and fun experience having your portraits made.  Portraits, not pictures or snapshots you do for fun to put on your Facebook profile.  It is sad but lots of people are doing just that.  Marching in lines to have senior portraits done in the gym at school because they were told to.  Sorry, but where is the rebel in you, the since of pride in what you are and have accomplished.  As a parent have you always been happy with just having those school pictures?  Your kid's school days are fast coming to an end and they are about to be on there own, I would hate to think that the best portraits I had were the ones the school photographer did of my girls.  Are you a lemming or a rock star?


Oh, and congratulations Clint, WBHS Class of 2010!



This is from one of our most popular sessions of the summer, the "Road Trip" session.


One from a "Downtown" session.


And a great one for this time of the year, since it is getting so hot, from our "Studio" session.


From one of our Outdoor sessions.

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