Kirstein, Apalachee Class of 2014

4621_CW99 GilbertKirstein goes to Apalachee high school and plans on going to college and participate in theatrical arts.  Her ultimate dream job would be a stay at home wife/mother and author.  What else did I learn about Kirstein?


4601_CW99 Gilbert


I learned that she is a self professed Doctor Who geek!  Her idea of a perfect day would be going to school, meeting new people and talking about Doctor Who.  And when asked who if anyone she would want to meet her reply was "David Tennant!  Is that even a question?!"  If she won the lottery what would she do with her winnings?  "Honestly, I'd probably give most of it away, save up a third of it and spend the rest of anything on Doctor Who, Zelda or Sword of Truth related".  Yep, I'd say she is a Doctor Who geek! 🙂

If she had a super power or could do anything she would like the power to make fictional characters real.

Favorite place to shop? Hot Topic

Favorite book? Faith of the Fallen by Gerry Goodkind

Favorite time of the year? Autumn, I love the different colors and the crunch of the dry leaves!

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Favorite place to eat? Bahama Breeze or Rainforest Cafe

How was your session at Bentley Photography? It was really fun!  I was kind of nervous at first but as I got wormed up I had a great time.  Everyone was really nice and funny too!  Also, I am not good with outfits and they really helped a lot with that!

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