Madison, Class of 2014

1315_CX05 WilliamsMeet Madison, we photographed Madison about two weeks ago and she was a blast to photograph.  We had so much fun at her session and got some amazing images, these are only a few.  Madison attends Winder-Barrow High school and plans on attending ABAC after high school.

We asked Madison a few questions during and after her session to help us get to know her, some of the things we learned really surprised me.

Since we did her session so early we and she plans on coming back we asked her what type of session she plans to do then: I want to
do one with my pig my FFA jacket and my bow and arrow. This really will express
who I am.

What super power would you like to have? I
would want to be able to understand what my animals are thinking.

What is your dream car? 2013 Honda Civic

What is your favorite place to eat? On The Border

1303_CX05 Williams
1399_CX05 Williams

1270_CX05 Williams

1329_CX05 Williams