Mailing List Companies

In our area if you don't have the school contract you don't have any access to addresses of upcoming seniors.  And these days about the only people that have the contracts are the out of town big photography companies.  So, that leaves us having to purchase mailing lists from companies that gather that information from other places, ring companies, sports leagues or other places that sell things to you and collect your age or class information.  These lists are not very accurate and cost a lot of money, but that is about the only way for us to get the information.  Every year we use our Senior Model program as a way for us to collect names and addresses from upcoming seniors, that way it is more accurate.  But just to cover all of our bases we purchase a list as well, that way we get names and addresses from schools where we don't have models.  About a week ago we did a mailing for seniors in some of the counties around ours looking for models and today when I opened the mailbox this is what I found.


All bundled together we had 55 postcards already returned that had the wrong addresses on them.  These were from the mailing list we purchased.  So, why are I telling you all of this?  I want be sure that we are able to get our senior information to everyone this year and I need your help!  If you want to be added to our Class of 2013 mailing list go to this form and fill it out and we will be sure you get all of our mailings for the Class of 2013.  By doing this you will find out about all of the great deals we are offering you and the Class of '13.  We are busy working on our catalog right now along with some great new specials.  Huge money saving specials!  Over the next few weeks senior models will be coming into the studio for some special sessions so be sure and check back here or on Facebook to see some images.

The most important thing about this post is this – go here and fill out this form!