Meet Charlee

0286_CX06 HorneWe had a beautiful day to do Charlee's session in Athens.  This was another special Athens session and it couldn't have gone any better.  Charlee's mom had a beautiful skirt made just for her session which you  will see it as you scroll down.  As we walked around town everyone had to stop and comment on her outfit.  Over all we made about five stops on the trip and the only thing that kept us from making more was having to get back to Winder for something we had previously scheduled, or we might still be there! Without further ado, here's all about Charlee!

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Some things about Charlee:

We both have the same dream car! a Porsche Carrera, the only thing is hers would be "light blue Porsche Carrera just like Sally off of "Cars".

Her dream job would be to be an anesthesiologist.

She wants to attend the University of Georgia.

Favorite place to shop?  J. Crew and Ann Taylor Loft.

Favorite thing to do, this one ties in to the one above?  My favorite hobbies are shopping and hanging out with my friends!

She likes the summer and the beach and has always wanted to swim with dolphins.

If she won the lottery what would she do?  If I won the lottery, I would donate a lot of it to my church and
charity, and then save to travel the world and have a phenomenal wedding
one day!

How wold you describe your session with Bentley Photography?  I had a blast on my session with you and Chance. I loved all the
different stuff we did and how comfortable I was. I can't wait for my
next one!

The one thing Charlee couldn't live without would be her family.

What music makes her sing out loud in the car?  People laugh at me because I sing country music while I'm driving all the time!

Charlee plans on coming back in the summer, she still has a lot more outfits and ideas for more portraits.  We will do a road trip and studio session then.

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