My Favorite Time


By now you should know that this is my favorite time of the year to do outdoor portraits.  One thing about the seasons in Georgia is that you have a long summer and winter, but fall and spring are pretty short.  The fall season is quickly coming to an end, but yesterday we had a session that highlighted just what is so great about this time of the year.  We had great weather, beautiful leaves and even as the light changed throughout the session it just got better for each location.  Ivey had been telling me that she wanted do do her senior portraits in the fall and I think her waiting paid off very well.  She had her locations picked out in advance and we just moved from one to the next until we ended around sunset at a cotton field.  I only wish the day could have been longer!  These are just a few of the beautiful images we captured yesterday.  


Haven't had your senior portraits done yet?  Didn't like the ones you had done?  Give us a call, and be sure and ask about our "bad portrait trade in" special.  Bring one of the senior portraits you had taken somewhere else that you hated and trade it in for one from Bentley Photography that you will love!