New Catalog for Senior Clothing

Today we got a catalog in the mail from Boston Proper, don't know why we got it but I am glad we did.  Every year we look for places to find clothing for senior portraits and this one has some really good things, look at the Winter clearance sweater section for some really nice sweaters at great prices.  One that is more local and has some great things is Entourage in Athens.  When choosing clothing look for something that is simple, solid colors look great.  Stay away from big stripes and big floral prints.  It is always, always, good to bring something black, remember I said always twice!  A great thing is to bring several things that are from other seasons too so everything isn't summery or wintry.  Sleeves are good, long or short, I would stay away from spaghetti straps.

The big thing to remember is: if it looks good on you or you get compliments on it, bring it!  If you look in the mirror and say, "Man, I look good in this!", then that is the outfit to bring.