Object Of Your Desire


Every year I seem to do just fine with what I have, and then comes Christmas.  I'm not much of a shopper so about the only time of the year I go to the mall seems to be now.  Not going out and seeing things makes you not desire things but now that I have been out and seen things it leaves me wanting things, lots of things.  How long is the list of things you want this year?  Mine was very short until I started shopping for other people and now it has gotten pretty long.  Some of those have even crossed over to the studio, three new backgrounds over the last month along with a new light that I couldn't live without.

So, with all of those things you are wanting for Christmas, and hopefully getting, how about coming by sometime in the first week of January and lets combine some of your new "stuff" with some of my new "stuff" and lets see what we can come up with.  How does that sound?  Pick one or two of your favorite things and bring them by the studio and lets do a quick session with you and what ever it is.  Oh, and why don't we do it for free!  That's right no session fee.  I get to try out some of the new backgrounds and lights and you get to be photographed with something you got for Christmas while it is still new!  Sounds like a win win proposition to me!

One thing that I forgot to mention is that I will be going out of town several times in January so you will need to call us soon so we can schedule it.  Yes, it seems like every January is "road trip" time, that is why the car is at the top of this post.  You could spend all of January at one convention or seminar of another and this year I will be going to two of them.  Late January you will have to be sure and check back here or on my Instagram or Facebook and see just what all is going on.