One Month Till Graduation!

Today it hit us!  One month from yesterday Apalachee will be having graduation ceremonies, which means one month from today WBHS will be have its graduation.  Our youngest will be graduating!  Graduation is early this year.  After realizing that both of our area high schools were having graduations in a month I did a quick check and found that everybody in surrounding counties will be graduating between May 16 and May 25 this year.  That means a lot of graduation trips are coming up.  It also means that it is time for the Class of 2014 to start doing senior their portraits!

Our senior magazine is hitting mail boxes and our phone has started ringing!  We mailed our magazine early this year since it is going to so many people — it's the largest senior mailing we have ever done!  The big problem these days is that the summer keeps getting shorter and shorter and the numbers of seniors keeps getting larger and larger. 

Here are just a few of the Class of 2014 seniors that have already been…

8360_CX04 Gunter

0471FB_CX06 Horne

4539_CX04 Perry

2215hw_CX04 Petree

4547_CW99 Gilbert

What are you waiting for?