• The Senior Portrait Experience

    Your senior portraits are some of the most important photos you will ever have taken. Your senior portrait experience should be exceptional! At Bentley's, we deliver that exceptional experience! We love to get to know you and your interests so that we can take photos that truly show what you are all about. You will have your own appointment; no long lines with your peers watching while you try to look natural! All of our images are professionally retouched (no plastic complexions and washed out skin tones!) and printed on the highest quality papers and mounts. The colors are bold and bright and your images nearly jump off of the page! Go ahead! Check out the rest of our work and see what other seniors have to say! You only graduate from high school once, don't settle for senior portraits that are OK. Be the BEST you can be with the BEST photography studio in Georgia!

    Our other senior site (flash site) is www.bentleyseniors.net and our studio site (which is also Flash) is www.bentleyphotography.com.

$20.10 Sale

We have the postcards ready to be labeled for the last big sale on senior portrait sessions this year.  TheView full post »

Something To Look At

Not too may words today, just a few more images to look at.View full post »

Be Sure And Bring…

Some things that you should bring to your portrait session.  Bring a white top and/or a black top, one of eachView full post »

We Do Boy’s Senior Portraits Too

I know we show a lot of girls senior portraits, can't help it – I'm a guy.  But, we do a lot of guysView full post »

It’s A Beautiful Time For Outdoor Portraits

This time of year is always a great time for outdoor portraits.  The grass and trees are finally green again, theView full post »

Sets Moved

A few weeks ago we had some of our sets moved, and one set that we never finished is now ready.  For years we haveView full post »

A Few More For 2010

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How Much Do Senior Portraits Cost?

We hear that one a lot.  Or, "I don't have a thousand dollars to spend on senior portraits so I need toView full post »

Winder – Barrow Anchor Club Mother Daughter Banquet

Monday night I was surrounded by women, one of my favorite places to be.  Sometimes there are a couple boys in theView full post »

Late Portrait In Downtown Winder

Last Thursday night while I was at Kiwanis a text came in from my daughter wanting to do some portraits when I got homeView full post »

Bentley Senior Videos

I am going to try and put a few videos on over the next week or two.  This is the first, it is Allyssa from WBHS.View full post »

Graduation and Party Invitations

Don't forget those party invitations!  Time is running out quickly, and I bet you can't wait.  ThisView full post »