Road Trips To The Fields


Portraits done in the fields are beautiful and now is the perfect time of the year for them!  Every year we have a short window of time to do these popular sessions and now is the prime time for them.  Some of the fields are already being cut, and a lot of the late times are already taken, so if you want some done in the fields call right away.  These are some we did yesterday of Charlee.  Charlee is a WBHS class of 2014 senior, you might have seen some of her portraits we did in Athens a few weeks ago.  Charlee did two Road Trip sessions to get the different locations.  Remember tomorrow is the last day of the big sale!  Call 770-867-2853 right away to book your sessions so you can save!  If you don't get us leave a message and we will call you back, you will still get the special.






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