School Is Almost Out For Summer!

Hooray!  Things are finally winding down and not a moment too soon, I think I can hear Alice Cooper warming up to sing!  Since spring break things have been a blur and now you are about to be "officially" a senior!  By now you should have received a catalog in the mail from us that had a sales letter letting you know about our best specials of the year inside.  The phone has been ringing and we are booking appointments so if you didn't get us the first time leave a message or give us a call back so we can get you scheduled.  One important thing to think about now is just how short your summer is!  A lot of people forget about sports when scheduling their senior portraits and wait too long.  Once football practice starts your life belongs to your coaches.  Just remember that and plan ahead.

These are just a couple girls that have been in over the past few weeks.