Senior Portraits – Do I Have To Go To The Schools Photographer

Every year we hear people telling us that they have to go to the school’s photographer for senior pictures.  Yes, you do have to go to the school photographer for the pictures for the yearbook, but – that is as far as it goes.  If you don’t want to get those you don’t have to, as a matter of fact if you want to just get the yearbook only session do that, and then come to us.  That is what seniors have done for years.  We are here to give you a choice.  If you want something different, where we can spend a little more time and get you something special, come to us.  We understand that some people are happy with the school pictures, but a lot of people aren’t and we want to help those of you that want what we offer.  What do we offer?  We offer a fun and relaxed session that is all about you.  We offer over six different sessions to help you get what you want for your senior portraits.  When you come to Bentley Photography you have a private session set aside just for you.  After your session if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your portraits we will photograph you again or give you your money back.  Most seniors spend an hour and a half to two hours with us.  We hear all the time about seniors waiting an hour to two hours for the school photographers to start photographing them at the school.

Do you want your senior portraits taken with your dog, horse, car, motorcycle, snake, football, gun, bow or skateboard?  How about at a lake, ballfield, school, downtown location, house or restaurant?  How would you like to go on a Safari with us to Atlanta, the beach or the mountains?   We do all of those things and more.  If you want your session to be all about you then look no further than Bentley Photography.

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