Senior Safari Dates For The Class of ’13

What is a Senior Safari?  Just the most fun, all day senior portrait "event" that we have for six seniors every year!  We head out of town and photograph in three different locations throughout the day. Your portraits won't look like anyone else's!  This year's Safari is on June 11th and we will depart Winder at around 9AM.  We stop at one location for a morning session then proceed to our second location where we will photograph and have lunch.  After lunch we will go to our last location and return to Winder by 7PM.  The cost is $125 and includes travel, snacks and lunch.  It's a great way to meet seniors from other schools and have a fun series of portraits from different places!  Space is limited so give us a call and get on the schedule! 

These are a few from last years safari's.

0199_Senior Safari 1_CV59

0556_Senior Safari 1_CV59
0380_Senior Safari 1_CV59
0616_Senior Safari 1_CV59