Something New…

Every January I go to a couple conventions and seminars to hear speakers from all over the country and get ideas.  This year I am kicking it off a little earlier, I just got back from a meeting in Tennessee, and I am so excited and ready to try some new things!  Over the past weekend I spent several days with some of the top senior photographers in the country and shared ideas, techniques and some images we liked.  While driving home I couldn't stop thinking about some of the new things I want to try for the class of 2012, but why wait till next year?  If anyone wants to try some new things and get something a little different give me a call and lets go out and see what we can find to do.  We also looked over some of the great new items that are available now that were not even available a few months ago and I am really excited about adding some of them to our product line.

Oh, and I found myself on the other end of a camera this weekend for a change!


Now I have a little catching up to do in the office.