A question that I have been asked a lot lately – "Are you still doing senior portraits?".  And the answer is – Yes!  We are really having a lot of fun this time of year doing them too.  One thing about this time of the year is that it is nowhere near as hot and we are not as rushed.  What is the downside?  The time change has really made a difference in when and were we can do outdoor photographs.  Another exciting thing that has happened is that we have gotten five new backgrounds in the last month that I am just getting around to using.  With all of that, and going to the seminar I went to last month, I have new ideas popping in my head everyday of things I want to do.  So if you have been putting it off, or you thought it was too late, give us a call and lets work on something that shows the "real" you for your senior portraits.  It's not too late!



These are just a few from yesterday.