Tips For Girls


You’ve heard that clothes make the man?  Well, honey, when it comes to photos, clothes make everybody!  Accessories too!  We cannot stress enough how important clothing choices can be to make you look your best. The best thing you can do is AVOID horizontal stripes and busy patterns.  Solids are always the best choice.   Choose colors that look good with your coloring and then jazz it up with a fun necklace and earrings. Bring bright and earthtone colors for variety. And definitely bring something black.  We strongly recommend that your shirts have sleeves as not everyone loves their arms.  Layers are great and jackets, scarves and jewelry add variety. Any sports clothes or uniforms are great and of course, formal dresses are fun too!  Don’t wear anything that is too tight and shows things you don’t want the camera to see.  If you see it in the mirror and you don’t like it, you are going to like it even less in print.  Following shortly are some great outfit ideas that would photograph well for seniors.


Wear your makeup as you normally would, don’t go heavier just for your photos.


Wear it in your favorite style.  You can always pull it up for a different look and add hats and accessories. Do not try a new hair cut just before your photo session.


A little color is great but don’t overdo it…red faces and tan lines cannot be reouched.  If your fake bakin’, make sure your sunless color is evenly applied.


Your hands will show.  Remove old nail polish and wear a neutral color that goes with all of your outfits. Don’t forget those toes!

You can also find some ideas on our Pinterest Senior Style page.

Happy shopping!!