Tips For Senior Guys

They say clothes  ‘make the man’. We don’t know about that but great outfits do make your portraits look better.  We cannot stress enough how important clothing choices are in making YOU look your best.  Guys you need to bring 5-6 good outfits. We know that sounds like a lot but we want you and your parents to have a variety of poses to choose from.  The same t-shirt in 30 previews gets a little old.  So, following are some tips on how to ‘dress for success’ when it comes to senior portraits.


Bring at least one outfit selection that repeats your eye color.  Navy is popular but photographs a bit dull.  Look for stronger, richer colors.

Have 1-2 outfits with long sleeves for some close-ups, yes, even in July.  Unless you want to feature your armpits and elbows, long sleeves are the best choice.

Please bring a variety of bright colors and some earth-tones.  Layers are great so bring jackets, hoodies and hats to switch it up if that’s your style.  Don’t overdo brand logos.

Sports and hobby stuff is great.  Be sure to bring all equipment that would go with your sport or hobby.

Pets are welcome!!

If you are doing a studio session it’s a good idea to bring one dressier outfit, whether it be khaki’s and a button-down or a suit and tie.


Bring anything that you are interested in. Books, video games, cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, sports and hobbies outside of school.  Talk to us about your interests before your sessions and how we can make your portraits truly unique to you!


Stay away from bold stripes and small, busy patterns. However, please don’t bring 5 polo shirts in 5 different colors.  Polo shirts are great but it is still the same look and makes it hard for your photographer to be creative.

Retouching – Bumps, blemishes and scars… if you want them gone, don’t worry we retouch them!

Hair – Don’t try a new style right before your session.  Get you hair trimmed at least one week before pictures to avoid a fresh white tan line.  Be sure to trim your neck hair if it’s grown out, bring a hat to mix it up.

Facial hair – Be sure to shave and remove all unwanted facial hair.  While we can retouch zits we can’t remove 5 o’clock shadow.

Tanning – A little color is great but don’t over do it – we can’t retouch red faces and bad tan lines.

Nails – you hands show, so you’ll want to make sure they are clean and neat.