Tis The Season For Education

It never ends!  This is the time of year almost every photography convention and conference seems to be.  Last week I was in Nashville at the Professional Photographers of America convention, along with about 11,000 other photographers!  Sunday I will be going to Las Vegas for a 3 day conference.  And then when I get back head out the next day for St. Petersburg for another conference on senior photography.  If I survive I will come back to the studio with all kinds of great new ideas to try out.  If you want to come in for a session the first week or two in February will be a great time for it!  I will be full of great new ideas and itching to get behind the camera.   

While I am away Chance and Cammie will be holding things down here at the studio and working on our class of 2011 model program.  We really need some models from Mill Creek, Dacula, JCCHS, Jefferson, East Jackson, Oconee, North Oconee, Apalachee, Archer, Athens Academy and Athens Christian this year.  So if you are interested, or know someone that would be good, let us know how to get in touch with them.

My Sweet 16 is also in full swing in February, so if you are 16 or are about to be, now is your time to shine!