Top 10 reasons to choose Bentley Photography

10.  “BACK TO CLASS.”  Get more for your money. Avoid part-time photographers & non-professionals.

9.    Because we know the most important thing for your senior pictures is that you… want to look like YOU!

8.    Our backgrounds are custom designed to match your outfits & fit your style.

7.    Prints start at $40 and packages start at $220 & offer flexibility.  Order what you WANT!

6.    Personalized service for this once-in-a-lifetime EXPERIENCE!

5.    You will have an image posted on Facebook for friends to see!

4.    Our outdoor sets are all right in our backyard with TONS of variety.  No hot car rides off location.

3.    Because we are the trendsetters that many photographers mimic.

2.    We know how to make you look great through posing & lighting techniques.

1.    Because anywhere else is a compromise.