WBHS Senior Portraits – Katie

Katie’s life revolves around running and track so it was an obvious choice to do her senior portraits on the track.  Her idea of a perfect day would be sleeping and watching Netflix.  She has always wanted to travel the world and hopefully she will get the chance since after high school Katie plans on joining the Air Force.

If you could have your senior portraits taken anywhere and with anything what would you choose?  We have had seniors bring dogs, cats, crocodiles, pigs and even horses to be with them in their senior portraits.  One time we took a senior portrait on the roof, because that’s what he wanted.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, skateboards and airplanes have even been used.  Call us and let’s here about what you are involved in or what is your thing.  We would love to plan a session around it!  But you have to go to the school photographer?  Yes, but you can choose to come to us for your senior portraits, you know – the ones you give your friends and family.  Come to us for the portraits you can be proud of, not the ones you hate and stick in a drawer.


Winder, Senior, WB, photographer, BentleyWinder, Senior, WB, photographer, Bentley


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