What Is The Difference



Just what is the difference in going to Bentley Photograph and the schools photographer, or most any other photographer for that matter?  Well for one thing most of the school photographers photograph as many seniors in one day as we do in an entire summer but that is just the start.  Bentley Photography offers private appointments for every senior devoting all of our time and attention to the senior we are photographing.  We are able to stay late on some days and even offer some Saturdays for appointments.  Indoor sessions as well as outdoor sessions are available right here at the studio.  Downtown sessions and Road trip sessions to locations of your choosing are available.  We are also one of the only photographers in the area that offer our very popular "Senior Safari" sessions where we spend a full day traveling around to really different out of the way places for a truly unique experience.  When you are dealing with Bentley Photography you are dealing with a local company keeping all of your money in the community.  You are also dealing with a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and a Certified Professional Photographer with the prestigious PPA Craftsman Degree.  At Bentley's we have more sets and backgrounds right here at the studio than most photographers in the southeast.  The images on our website and in our catalogs and mailings are seniors that we photographed from local schools, I bet you know some of them.  At Bentley's we will do everything to make your portraits look great, and to make you feel comfortable while you actually have fun during your session.

In all reality it is up to you.  You get to choose to follow the herd and get the same old thing.  Or you can choose to come see us for some great unique portraits, and have a lot of fun at the same time.  Either way school starts soon and you are only a senior once!