Whitney, Class of 2014

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We recently had a really fun session with Whitney, and learned a lot!  While we were talking during the session I found out that we have some relatives in common, but we don't seem to be related.  We both like going to the lake and wakeboarding and skiing.  Her perfect day would be relaxing on the beach or being out on a boat all day at the lake, mine too.  What else did I learn about Whitney?

Her dream job would be to work as a princess at Disney World.

She plans on attending North Georgia College and State University after she graduates.

Taylor Swift music makes her sing in the car.

One thing she has always wanted to do is go surfing.

She loves to shop at American Eagle.

One thing she couldn't live without would be her parents, "They're pretty great".

She loves to eat at Chili's and Zaxby's

Her favorite season is summer because she hates being cold.

What is one store that you could easily spend $5000?  Target

How was your session at Bentley Photography?  "The session was awesome!  I had a lot of fun and I know I have some really awesome pictures.  I wasn't nervous at all."

What kind of session do you want to do when you come back?  When I come back I want to take pictures outside since I did a studio session this time.

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