Why Do I Have To Go To The Schools Photographer?

Every year we are asked that question.  The reason they want you to go to the school photographer is so that all of the senior photos in the yearbook will look the same.  When the school opens it up to anything people bring in snapshots, photos that are too small, photos with other people in them and photos that are too light or too dark.  Then when the yearbook comes out and the persons photo doesn't show up or looks bad in the yearbook everyone gets really mad.  

So what should I do?

To be sure you get in the yearbook, go to the schools photographer. 

Then come to us! 🙂 Let us show you just how much fun getting your senior portrait can be and just how good you can really look.  Be different, have some fun for a change and get something that looks good.  In the past I have talked to some principals and they have told me that their photographer has been required to offer a yearbook only session that is free, the photography companies don't like to tell you about this session, that might have changed so ask your school.  Another thing is that if you are not happy with anything they have to give you your session fees back, you don't have to order to get in the yearbook.  Our daughter did this session last year, two shots in the drape.