Wow! Misconceptions on Prices

Every time I hear this it kills me.  Today we had a call and when Chance was going over everything with them they said "Oh, Wow, everyone has told me that your prices start at over $1000".  You wouldn't believe how many times we have heard that.  That is 5 times higher than what our prices start at!  Sometimes I have even heard that people have said that they spent a lot of money with us, and I checked and saw that they were claiming that they had spent 4 times more than they actually spent.  Truth be told, every year we have people come and say what a bargain we are.  We had one mom last year that said that she saved over $200 and got more poses and portraits than they did with her other child two years before.

I don't know how these things start, but I do know that even though they don't cost near what the rumors are they are worth it.  As a parent of a graduate, my oldest daughter graduated last year, I know how important it is to have these portraits.  She is gone on to college now and I will never be able to relive her senior year and we will cherish her portraits forever.  Looking back over her school photos I would hate to think that they were all I had to look back on.  So are they worth over $1000, you bet they are, do our packages start at over $1000, hardly!  (For the record our packages start around $200 and only 2 out of 17 packages are over $1000)