Be Sure And Bring…

Some things that you should bring to your portrait session.  Bring a white top and/or a black top, one of each would be great.  Both go very well with many backgrounds, both are simple and don't distract from you and both can be very flattering.  Black looks great on almost everyone and is also slimming.  Both go very good with jeans too. 

Always remember to keep it simple.  Solid colors are best.

Another thing to think about is how things fit, you don't really want to wear things that are too tight.  Unless you want to show off every bulge and ripple on your body, like showing off that small waist.  If yours isn't – don't wear tight things.

Just remember if you look in the mirror and think "Wow! I really look great in this" – bring it!  Another good rule of thumb is, if you have an outfit that people always compliment you on – bring it.