Don’t Get Mad

As of right now we have Senior Models at Apalachee, Archer, Dacula, Winder-Barrow and Jefferson.  So if you don't go to any of those schools or if you didn't give one of our models your name and address and you want to be added to our mailing list you can click here and fill out a form to be added to the list.  If you are on our list you will be informed of all of our specials for the class of 2012.  Some specials will save you up 50% or more on your senior portrait session.  And you can be assured that you will have the most fun session that can be found anywhere on earth!  And I am serious.  Great senior portraits, super great time having them made and save some money, makes you parents happy, all at the same time!

I have spent the last few days entering addresses into the computer between my appointments, and I am glad to be caught up for the time being.  So after looking at everyones addresses and names I only have one thing to say – If I misspelled your name or address I am sorry and please don't get mad at me.  It is amazing how small some people can write a name and how some addresses seem to be from another planet when you try to read them.  A couple months from now when we start sending things out to the class of 2012 I hope you get them and that we have your names right, honestly I did try to read them.

Tomorrow morning we are off to scout out some great "Senior Safari" locations.  I will tell you more about that real soon.  Also coming in the next few weeks you will start seeing some images of our Class of 12 Senior Models.

Now for a little of what I have been doing when I wasn't at the computer.

UrbanRenewalSchrieber Gym-
Bo, WBHS Class of '11