In The Mail


This morning our first postcards went out to the class of 2013.  So now it is official, we are booking seniors for the class of 2013!  In the next few days we will be sending the "Big" mailing with our senior catalog to everyone, this first mailing only went to addresses that our models got from classmates.  The next mailing will go to more than twice as many people so don't put it off when you get it, call right away even if you are waiting till later to do the session.  Now is a great time for portraits. Everything is green and a little cooler than it is going to be in a few weeks, and a few weeks is all you get out of school for summer! Plus, you will save big time if you are photographed in the month of May!

These are just a couple of the girls we have photographed in the last week or two.  Both of them had sisters that came to use for senior portraits a few years ago.  Bralin came to us from Morgan county and Lauren came from Central Gwinnett.