It’s Senior Portrait Convention Season

© Bentley Photgraphy, Winder, GAEvery year when January comes so do the conventions.  Years ago there was only one convention in January and soon all of the other groups learned that this was the best time of the year for most photographers to go to conventions.  For me attending conventions in January is a great time for me to recharge myself for the new year and help me get over the winter doldrums.  And when the convention is in Florida I can warm up some.  Another thing that I always liked about going to the early conventions was looking at all of the new products and backgrounds.  For years we would go straight to our favorite background painters booth and order two or three new backgrounds so that we could get ahead of the mad rush.  Now we are looking at all of the new products that we can offer our customers and learning new techniques for photographing seniors so that we can stay current on new trends.

This year I am off to St. Augustine, Florida to the Senior and Youth Photographers National Conference (SYNC) that will be held this weekend.  It will be a long weekend of great programs on senior portrait photography.  Programs and an amazing trade show are only two of the attractions.  For me reuniting with old friends and making new ones is one of my favorite things.  Many times more is learned around a dinner table or hanging out in the lobby of the hotel than is learned in a lot of programs.

While I am away Chance and Cammie will be busy here at the studio preparing our new senior catalog and mailing pieces for the Class of 2015.  Then on Saturday we have our second Senior Model meeting for the Class of 2015 senior models.  I can’t wait to get back and start photographing them!  While I know we are talking a lot right now about the Class of 2015 we are still photographing seniors from the Class of 2014.  So, if you are in the class of 2014 you can still get in.  If you are a Junior that will be a Senior in the Class of 2015 now is the time to start planning, in my house that would mean shopping!

I can’t wait to get back next week and getting behind the camera again.

Oh, I forgot to mention the photograph at the top of this post.  We are busy planning dates and locations for our Senior Safari’s for this year.  Anyone out there interested?  So that you can say you were the first to know here are a few hints and dates.

Beach Portrait Safari in the Destin – Panama City area July 11-13  –  Planes Trains and Automobiles  –  Big City Lights and Graffiti  –   Beach Portrait Safari at St Simons and Jekyll Islands   –    More details on dates costs and availability coming soon…