Parents Said

“There was more time spent making Samantha feel at ease.  They turned out beautiful.  Very hard to pick the best.” – WBHS mom


“Excellent, excellent, excellent!” – North Oconee mom


“Our experience was exceptional.  Very professional and yet friendly.  Not high pressure or pushy – what a refreshing experience!” – Prince Avenue Christian mom


“It was a personalized experience.  We wouldn’t change a thing.” – JCCHS mom


“They are absolutely stunning!!!  I love them.” – Collins Hill mom


“Bentley’s customized the session to fit that individuals interest and took their time to get that best photo shot.  Excellent quality.” – WBHS mom


“Thank you for such a great experience.  I could never get Collin to take pictures but he loved it and can’t wait to do it again soon!” – JCCHS mom


“A great experience and a wonderful way to document an important milestone.” – Jefferson High School mom


“She was nervous because after looking at your website she didn’t see a lot of girls that had “her look”.  I believe she was intimidated but Mike made her feel comfortable in herself and we were very pleased with the outcome.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  These are portraits that we will keep for a lifetime.” – WBHS mom


“1000 times better than the school photographer.  I love them!” – Harrison High School mom


“Thank you for making Lindsey’s experience so much fun!” – North Oconee mom


“The school photographer is just doing their “job”.  They have no interest in the person.  Bentley’s takes a personal interest in the senior and it reflects in the finished product.  The quality is excellent.  We always want what is best for our children.  So why would you “skimp” our on one of the most important milestones in their life??  Both of my kids had their senior portraits made at Bentley’s and I don’t regret it for a second!” – WBHS mom


“You are just a name and a number for the school.  You guys treated Kayla like a model.” – Flowery Branch High School mom


“110% Satisfied.  Love, love, love the portraits.  Everything was perfect!” – WBHS mom


“When our friends and family see his portraits they say, I wish we had gone to Bentley’s.  In the school photographer’s pictures he looked like every other senior in his school, but his individuality was captured perfectly during his session at Bentley Photography.” – JCCHS mom


“Portraits were OUTSTANDING!  We get complements from friends,m family and guest who see them.  I felt involved and welcome, I can’t wait to bring my other son for his senior pictures!” – Apalachee mom


“All three of my kids had senior portraits taken here and I couldn’t be more happy!  Thanks!” – Bethlehem Christian Academy mom


“Bentley Photography was the most pleasant experience that we have had.  Very organized session and the quality is amazing!” – WBHS mom


“The quality of Amber’s portraits is outstanding and far better than any school portraits I’ve seen. The only difficult part of the experience was selecting what to order!” – Madison County mom


“When we came back to see her senior pictures and you did the slide show for us I went home and cried. I was so happy about here senior pictures.” – Faith Academy mom


“It was just for our daughter to experience and no other. There was no line to wait for and it was for her time to shine.” – Winder Barrow mom


“Our pictures were worth every penny we spent. They were fantastic.” – Mill Creek mom


“No comparison! We did not order any school pictures. It was a horrible experience. I am extremely happy with your product – I have encouraged other parents to check you out.” – North Oconee mom


“I saw my son for who he really is… not just a “next” in line in the orchestra room! I couldn’t have asked for a more professional atmosphere.” – Mill Creek mom


“The quality and atmosphere was so much better. They worked one on one to make the pictures just the way we wanted them.” Johnson High mom


“The experience was very easy and parent friendly. Haley felt pampered and the center of attention. The photos were beautiful. Mike caught Haley’s personality and spirit!” – Oconee County High, mom


“Bentley’s was a great experience for us. Amber really enjoyed her time there. They were beautiful.” – Winder Barrow mom


“Much more professional and experienced. The photos were more creative. More variety to choose from.” – North Oconee mom


“There was no comparison.  Lifetouch was rushed and 1 1/2 hour late! He was not allowed time to change, all in all it was a waste of time. I appreciate the 1-1 time spent choosing photos, especially my large photo which is my pride and joy.” – Winder-Barrow mom


“Much better quality and individualized attention.” – Mill Creek mom


“The portraits are lovely – one more beautiful than the next and with the variety of packages and ways to purchase the photography, any budget can enjoy the quality of Bentley’s!!” – Dacula High mom


“The Best!  Good price for the quality photos.” – Jefferson High mom


“No comparison – Bentley’s offers so much more to the point where we would never do school pictures again.” Mill Creek mom


“You made it a lot of fun and took great pictures.  The school pictures were awful and they refused to take them over without paying more.” – Oconee County High mom


“There’s  really no comparison, at Bentley Photography we were treated like family, not a number!  Southern hospitality!!  We love our pictures.  See you next year.” – North Gwinnett mom


“The school photographer did not take good pictures my daughter went twice and we still didn’t like the shots they took.  She also had to wait (both times) well after her appointment time.  There’s no comparison between the two sets of portraits.  Absolutely a great value!” – Winder-Barrow, mom


“I feel they are the utmost top photography company within North Georgia!” – North Gwinnett mom


“The photo session was customized to the senior.  Not an assembly line operation. Having a choice of packages (prices) allows the family to make choices to fit any budget.” – Winder-Barrow mom


“Mike and Chance are very personable, always treating us like we were their only customer. The staff is wonderful.” – Dacula mom


“Much more professional than the schools photographer.  I feel that my child received a lot more individual attention. You get a lot of pictures for a reasonable price.” – North Oconee mom


“Excellent! I would recommend the studio to other parents.” – Jackson County mom


“The quality of the pictures were 100% better than the schools. We have truly enjoyed them. It was a great start to her senior year.” Jefferson, mom