Sneak Peek For All

Our newsletter is back from the printer and we have it ready to mail, but we always like to let you know things here first!  Over the next few days we will be posting some of the exciting things planned for this fall and winter.  Today is just a quick post to let you know what has been happening.


While summer is one of our favorite times of the year, it is always nice to start a new season.  School is back in session and football is around the corner! It’s still hot but cooler weather is coming, at least by November.  This year is a bittersweet year as our youngest daughter Mallory is a senior in high school.   We can’t believe how quickly this time has come.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were wondering if she would ever stop crying and sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time?  Long nights of pacing the floor, patting her back and bouncing her up and down at 3 in the morning still seem so near.  She finally slept through the night when she turned 4 years old. We weren’t sure if we would survive her and now we’ll be sending her off to school on her own in just  a year.  The long nights of babyhood and toddler years are gone and Mallory has grown into one of the most beautiful, mature, thoughtful, caring people we know.  What more can a parent ask for? Somewhere along the way we did something right or maybe we just got lucky.  We are so proud of her and wish her a senior year of happy memories, great achievements and all of our love.


On a sad note, many of you may not know that we had to send our sweet cat Sugar to Heaven back in March.  Sugar had developed an inoperable, cancerous tumor on her leg early this year.  While it did not bother her for a couple of months, by March it had become too much for her and we had to make the decision to let her not be in pain anymore.  Sugar was one of the friendliest cats we have ever known.  She loved to be with people and to be loved on.  Many of you know how she loved to have her picture taken.  We would have to put her inside to keep her out of our clients’ portraits! We really miss her and I know many of you have missed her too as you have asked where she has been.  It has not been the same here without her sweet, smiling face and the funny little things she would do.  We are so glad she decided to adopt us 10 years ago.  She truly brought us 10 years of love and joy.

 May this fall and holiday season be a wonderful time with your loved ones.  Please take the time to enjoy all that this time has to offer.  Let us slow down and savor the moments that are so quickly gone.  God bless all of you and we hope to see you in the studio soon!
                                                                                                                              -Mike and Chance