We Need Your Help!

We've been chosen by a new, national backdrop company to help them test their backdrops by creating samples for their on-line and print advertising.  But, we need your help!  We've got two new gorgeous backdrops that the company has sent us and we need models to come in for a mini session sometime in the next two weeks.  Normally we charge a sitting fee for our sessions, but for these test sessions the session is free, and we'll provide an 8×10 print as well to say think you for your help.  If you want you can also order some additional prints at a discounted price.  Please contact us at 770-867-2853 and we'll get you on the schedule.  We have a VERY short amount of time to do this photography and get it back to the company for their advertising so don't put this off if you are interested.  You could be famous!