What’s This Thing I Got In The Mail?


Nicole, North Oconee High

Tuesday we finally got our senior catalogs mailed and the phone has started ringing off the hook since they went out.  Just who the heck are we is what some of you are probably asking.  I hope you can find an answer here on the blog, or on our web page.  As you read in the catalog we are not the school's photographer. What does that mean to you?  When you come to Bentley Photography you are coming by choice and we appreciate that and devote all of our time and resources to you and only you.  We want you to have great portraits that you and your family can be proud of and we want you to have fun while having them made!  You have been in school for 12 years getting school pictures done every year and you are about to graduate and leave home.  Don't you think it is time to have something special to remember this time in your life?  Parents don't you want great portraits of your child before they leave home next year?


Meghan, Faith Academy

The special you see in the letter included in the catalog is for 75% off any two or more sessions in May or June as long as you call and schedule the sessions before May 26th.  If you need to have it taken in July you can still save 50% as long as you call by May 26th.  Your summer is just over 8 weeks long!  This doesn't leave much time to get things done before school starts back! 

Be sure and read over some of the other post on the blog and look at what seniors and parents have said about Bentley Photography on our web page.  Think about how you want to look back and remember your senior year – with a picture in your mirror with your cell phone or a portrait from Bentley's.