Who Are You

Have you ever seen "That '70's Show"?  I love that show because I lived that show.  It's funny how when you find a certain show, movie or book, you think that surely they were thinking about you when they made it.  Shows that when you are watching them you insert names of your personal friends or people you remember into the characters.  Years ago there was a show called "Wings" about a small airport in Nantucket and the characters were like that to me too.  When I lived on St. Simons Island and was just trying to open my own studio I took a part time job at the airport and a few years later when the "Wings" show came out I could put names with every character.  It was just like where I had worked!

So who are you?  Who would you be?  How will people remember you?  Just what kind of things do you want to be remembered for? 

This is a little of what we have been doing this week.